Kitten needs a home (Ames)

A kitten showed up at my place recently. He is almost too young to be weaned but mom was nowhere in evidence. When I offered him some canned meat I had open, at first he was skeptical; clearly it didn't smell like milk. Then he tried it and snarfed, gobbled and chomped like he hadn't eaten in days. His bones were prominent suggesting he hadn't been well fed for a while. I think he must have been dumped. He is responding well to unlimited food and is now full of energy. When finally worn out he loves to be on my lap and stroked while going to sleep. Unfortunately, I can not keep him. My place is not suitable and I have ongoing obligations that don't blend well with a pet much as I'd like to keep him around. He is mostly a light gray with some white on his face. For a kitten he is fairly careful with his claws and teeth which has been nice. I am not saying he is perfect in that respect; he does like to return the grooming in a way that would be a bit more suitable for someone with fur. I have no idea what he may have had for shots, if any. He really needs a home. He comes with whatever will remain of a bag of Friskies kitten food and some cheap cat litter. I really need to keep the dish washing tub he using for a litter box. Call, text or email.

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